Release of revised SQE2 sample answers, including a video for Criminal Litigation Advocacy

Dec 20, 2023

The SQE2 sample answers have been revised and updated to provide more detailed guidance to candidates on the types of task that could be set. Each sample answer includes a discussion of the answer, with guidance on the key legal points and a short analysis of the performance of the sample candidate by reference to the criteria for the assessment (the sample questions have not been changed).

For the Criminal Litigation Advocacy question, a sample candidate performance has been recorded to replace the previous sample candidate submissions in order to provide a more realistic setting of a real life advocacy assessment.

To provide additional support for candidates, seven new “Performance Indicators”, have also been released, one for each skill assessment. The Performance Indicators provide some examples of the types of behaviour that demonstrate competence or that suggest a candidate is not competent in relation to each of the SQE2 law and assessment criteria.

Further information will be published for candidates in early 2024 about how the assessments are assessed or marked by the SQE2 examiners.

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