Dates and locations

When you can take the SQE and other key dates

For assessment dates, please see the Timings page. It also includes booking and results dates, and the precise cut off date for examinable law and practice.

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SQE1 and SQE2 written assessments

SQE1 and SQE2 written assessments can be taken at Pearson VUE test centres in the UK and internationally (booked using your SQE account). We will aim to provide consistent locations for the assessments, however we cannot guarantee which locations will be available until a booking window opens and candidates may need to make arrangements to travel to a test centre in a neighbouring or nearby country if your preferred location is not available. Factors such as our capacity planning, local public holiday,s and different time zones may mean that an assessment is not offered at some international locations. The exact test centres available will be shown when booking opens for the relevant assessment.

If you want to sit your assessment outside of the UK, you should check the timing of your assessment when you book. There will be varied start times for assessments held in international centres.


We will aim to provide consistent locations for the assessments, but the exact locations are confirmed when a booking window opens. Below is a list of cities where we aim to hold the SQE1 and SQE2 written assessments. However, this is illustrative only, may change, and should not be taken as confirmation that these locations will be available for every assessment window. Test centre locations are subject to availability, capacity planning, and sourcing from Pearson VUE. Please also see the information in relation to specific locations below which may only be available at a particular time of year or not at all.

UK International
Aylesbury Melbourne, Australia
Ballymena Perth, Australia
Basildon Sydney, Australia *
Belfast Vienna, Austria
Birmingham Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bristol Toronto, Canada **
Cardiff Beijing, China
Chelmsford Guangzhou, China
Chester Shanghai, China
Colchester Shenzhen, China
Croydon Cairo, Egypt
Derby Paris, France
Dudley Berlin, Germany
Edinburgh Frankfurt, Germany
Exeter Hamburg, Germany
Glasgow Munich, Germany
Grimsby Athens, Greece
Hayes Attiki, Greece
Horley, Surrey Hong Kong
Hove Bangalore, India
Huddersfield Chennai, India
Hull Gurugram, India
Liverpool Hyderabad, India
London Mumbai, India
Manchester New Delhi, India
Middlesbrough Dublin, Ireland
Milton Keynes Rome, Italy
Newcastle Upon Tyne Chiyoda-ku, Japan
Northampton Shinjuku, Japan
Norwich Tokyo, Japan
Nottingham Osaka-shi, Japan
Oldham Seoul, Korea, South
Oxford Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Peterborough Amsterdam, Netherlands
Portsmouth Eindhoven, Netherlands
Preston Warszawa, Poland
Reading Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Salisbury Singapore
Sheffield Johannesburg, South Africa
Skipton Pretoria, South Africa
Slough Barcelona, Spain
Southampton Madrid, Spain
Southend on Sea Geneva, Switzerland
Southwark Lausanne, Switzerland
St Leonards on Sea Istanbul, Turkey
Staines Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Stevenage Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Stockport New York, USA **
Stratford upon Avon
Sutton Coldfield

Last updated: 19 September 2023

Specific locations

The SQE is not available in some locations because the different time zones make it impractical for the assessment to be delivered at a similar time to other time zones in such a way that the local test centres will be open and that the security of the assessment is protected.

*Sydney, Australia

SQE1 can only be delivered in Sydney during British summer months i.e. the July sittings.

**USA, Canada, Central and South America.

The SQE2 written assessment is not available in test centres in the USA, Canada, Central and South America for the foreseeable future. Only SQE1 is available in New York and Toronto.

New Zealand

SQE1 is not available in New Zealand. SQE2 written assessment can be delivered in New Zealand during British summer months. Therefore the April, July and possibly October (subject to whether the assessment falls in British Summer Time) sittings of SQE2 may be available.

Ukraine, Belarus and Russia

Pearson VUE test centres in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are currently closed. We will therefore not offer the SQE in these countries at present. We will continue to monitor this and update this page should the position change.

Pearson VUE test centres for SQE1 and SQE2 written assessments

Kaplan SQE has partnered with Pearson VUE to provide an international network of test centres, allowing for the greatest possible flexibility when booking SQE1 or SQE2 written assessments. The link below allows you to visit Pearson VUE’s website. It will give you the ability to search where your nearest active SQE test centre is prior to making a booking for an assessment. Please note that you can't book your assessment on Pearson VUE’s website, it is just for information only. You must still book your assessment via your SQE account. Please note that test centre places are subject to availability. You will be able to see which test centres have availability for your assessment when you book your assessment through your candidate account.

The test centre information link may provide directions, parking, wheelchair support or other physical access considerations. Distance (mi/km) is a straight line calculated from the centre point of your search criteria and does not reflect driving distance.

Pearson VUE professional centres in England and Wales comply with the disability access requirements of the Equality Act 2010. The test centres can accommodate a range of alternative arrangements for candidates with special requirements or the need for reasonable adjustments.

Third parties, such as employers and training providers, can use this link to see which test centres are available to book their learners into if they are using the bulk bookings process.

The test centre search tool will not be available when bookings close because it only provides information on active Pearson test centres where SQE1 or SQE2 written assessments can be taken.

Over time we will look to provide further and more detailed information about possible locations where you can sit SQE1 or SQE2 written assessments, which will be available to access outside of the booking windows. 

Learn more: Pearson VUE test centre search tool

SQE2 oral assessments

The SQE2 oral assessment is available in Cardiff, London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Please note that not all sittings will be available in all locations. Please refer to the table above to see which locations are available for an oral assessment date. Exact dates and locations for the oral assessments will be made available ahead of the booking window opening. Below are the details of the oral assessment locations and we also have some further general information about the SQE2 oral venues.

Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel and Spa
24 26 Newport Rd, Cardiff CF24 0DD

Royal College of General Practitioners
30 Euston Square, London NW1 2FB (London, Euston)

Kaplan, Spring House
Main Building, 40-44 Holloway Road, Highbury East, London, N7 8JL (Kaplan Highbury and Islington)

Marriott Manchester Piccadilly Hotel (formerly Macdonald Manchester)
91 London Road, Manchester, M1 2PG
(Note: this is not the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel)

Leonardo Royal Hotel Birmingham
245 Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2HQ

Learn more: Further information about SQE2 oral assessment centres

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Ready to register for the SQE?

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Find out what happens after passing the SQE and admission to the roll of solicitors.

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