Updated SQE2 legal research answer template now available on Pearson VUE test platform

Jun 24, 2024

Research answer template

Last month we published an updated answer template for the legal research assessment in PDF format which will apply for the July 2024 SQE2 assessment. We said that we would update the Pearson VUE test platform, and this has now been done to reflect the PDF version. As we mentioned, the new template will not change the requirements of the legal research assessment station and how it is assessed.

Pearson VUE test platform

In addition to viewing sample questions as PDFs, candidates can review and attempt questions using the online Pearson VUE test platform, which gives a better preview of the exam platform candidates will use.

There is also a Welsh version of the Pearson VUE test platform available with sample questions.

The test platform can help candidates to become familiar with how questions are displayed on screen and some of the functionality. For example, they can experience the search function for the sources for legal research and see how the attachments for questions are grouped, with one button labelled Attachment or Attachments which opens a separate window showing the attachment(s) beneath numbered tabs.

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