Update to SQE2 legal research answer template for sample question

May 24, 2024

The format of the answer template for the legal research assessment has been updated and it will apply for the July 2024 SQE2 assessment.

The legal research answer template had consisted of two sections: one for advice to the client and the other for legal reasoning. This has been amended in line with advice from SQE2 markers and subject matter experts to a slightly updated style with one main section, which it is felt will benefit candidates.

Although the format of the new style of template is different, the rubric of the instructions to candidates, as set out in the candidate email, are the same. The answer template is not intended to be viewed in isolation by candidates and should always be read in conjunction with the rubric of the instructions.

The content of the sample legal research question and content of the sample answer have not changed. The new template will not change the requirements of the legal research assessment station and how it is assessed.

Please note that the answer template on the Pearson VUE demo platform has not been updated yet but will be in the near future.

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