Booking for April 2023 SQE2 will open at 10am on 8 December

Dec 1, 2022

April 2023 SQE2 booking

The booking window for the April 2023 SQE2 will open at 10am (UK time) on Thursday 8 December 2022.

On the morning of Thursday 8 December, you will not be able to gain access to your candidate account from approximately 9am until the booking window opens at 10am.

A queuing system will be in place to allow for fair access to the booking process should a large number of candidates want to access their accounts when the window opens. If this facility is used, the waiting page will indicate your place in the queue and the estimated waiting time. As soon as you reach the front of the queue, you will automatically be taken through to log in.

Please see the Booking and paying for assessments page to understand what steps are needed in order to book an assessment.

The Candidate Services Team will only be able to help you with queries relating to booking if you are logged in to your candidate account.

Bookings are subject to availability.

Timetabling of the SQE2 oral assessments

Adding an extra group of candidates. We are pleased to confirm that we will be able to offer more spaces for the SQE2 oral assessments by allocating a number of candidates a later reporting time and asking them to remain in a quiet comfortable area for approximately 2.5 hours after reporting at the test centre. This is so that the security of the questions can be maintained.

Timetabling candidates. You will be allocated your reporting time at random once the booking window has closed. You will then receive your joining instructions for the oral assessment approximately two weeks before the assessment as usual, and that will state if you will be in the later group. While we understand that some candidates may find this inconvenient, we are adopting this approach to provide opportunities for more candidates to take SQE2 in this sitting. Some candidates may welcome the extra quiet time for revision. If you are in this group, it will apply for both days of your oral assessment.

Candidates in this group. If you are allocated to this group, you will be asked to arrive at the test centre around 12:30pm. The exact time will be in your joining instructions. You will await the assessment briefing under supervision.

During this time you:

  • Register for each day
  • Complete the identification and security checks
  • Can have access to any books, printed material and hard copy notes that you bring to the assessment centre. All other personal belongings, including mobile phones and other electronic devices, must be deposited as directed by the invigilators upon arrival
  • Can talk to other candidates in your group

During the waiting time you are not permitted to:

  • Use electronic devices or have access to mobile phones, laptops, bluetooth headphones etc.
  • Leave the area to purchase any food or beverages
  • Leave the assessment centre early and return. If you decide to leave the assessment centre you will not be permitted re-entry.
  • Talk to any other candidates not in your designated group

Cancellations and reasonable adjustments. The usual terms and conditions and cancellation provisions apply. You will be asked to confirm that you have read the relevant information on the booking page of your candidate account and the website before you can make a booking. If you have a disability or other condition which means that this timetabling is not appropriate for you, you should apply for a reasonable adjustment as soon as possible. You do not need to wait until a booking window has opened to do so. You can apply immediately.

Refreshments for candidates in this group. We will provide more information about the arrangements relating to food for this group of candidates in your joining instructions. Refreshments such as water, tea/coffee, biscuits and fruit are provided by the test centre.

Length of the SQE2 oral assessment day for this group. The assessment day will end at approximately 19:30 for candidates in this group. Please note that, if you are in this group, you are required to remain at the test centre for approximately seven hours and can not be released early. There will be no opportunity for you to purchase food during this time. If you are scheduled into this later session, you may be required to wait for an extended period (approximately 2.5 hours) before starting your assessment once you have completed the registration, ID validation and security checks. This will be confirmed in your joining instructions.

Further information. If you have any further questions please see SQE2 assessment days or contact the Candidate Services Team.