SQE1 in Welsh

Jan 31, 2024

From 1 September 2024, the SQE1 assessment will be available in Welsh with the first such assessment taking place in January 2025. Candidates can already choose to take SQE2 in Welsh.

In preparation for the delivery of the SQE1 in Welsh, an SQE1 Welsh pilot was run in June 2023 in order to explore the practicalities of running the SQE1 assessment in the Welsh language, including the presentation of the questions and the process for translation.

A report setting out the aims and results from the SQE1 Welsh pilot has been published.

As outlined in the report, efforts have been made to enhance the question translation process. A sample of SQE1 questions, translated through a modified process, were reviewed by 15 candidates who participated in the SQE1 Welsh pilot. The results of this review are positive, with 93% of candidates acknowledging an improvement in question translation as a result of the revised process.

Additional information relating to taking the SQE1 assessment in Welsh (which will include recommendations made by candidates following the pilot) will be added to the SQE website in Spring 2024. This will include:

  • 130 SQE1 sample questions (currently available in English) translated into the Welsh language.
  • A Pearson VUE demonstration site allowing candidates to experience a simulation of the exam, including sample questions and realistic user interface.
  • Guidance to help candidates make an informed decision about whether to take the SQE1 in Welsh.

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