Update on the April 2023 SQE2 assessment

Sep 25, 2023

We have identified an isolated error in the marking of one of the 16 assessment stations in the April 2023 SQE2, Business Case and Matter Analysis (BCMA), and we are currently conducting a review.

The error was found in a small number of scripts with low scores on this station. These scripts with an error in marking will be re-marked and, once approved by the Assessment Board, any new mark will be communicated to candidates. Current information suggests that any changes in marks will be upwards not downwards and that very few marks will be changed.

The error was found in a few of the scripts in a set of 346. In order to reassure candidates we are checking that no other errors have occurred within this set.

When this review is completed the results will also be presented to the Assessment Board for approval. At present there is no information, on the basis of the investigations we have so far performed (but not yet concluded), to suggest that there are any further errors.

We have been in touch with any candidates who may have been affected to update them and apologised for the uncertainty this has caused. We will contact candidates again regarding the decision of the Assessment Board including the outcome of the review and any changes in marks by 13 October.