Understanding your SQE2 results

Feb 24, 2023

We have produced some further resources that will help you understand more about what’s included in your SQE2 results. You will find it helpful to look at these before you review your SQE2 results page.

The resources include:

  • A short video which contains an explanation of an individual results page. It provides an overview of what you will see on your results page, including an explanation of the steps taken to calculate your individual marks. The video has an example of the marks allocated to assessment criteria including a discussion on how the marks allocated are converted into a numerical value and finally to your final result. It also includes an explanation of why a candidate can score “0” for certain elements of the assessment. This can help put into context that each SQE2 assessment consists of 16 stations or exercises, and that even though you may perform badly in one or more stations, you may still pass the assessment overall, as the pass mark is set for the assessment as a whole.

  • A flow chart summary providing an overview of the process for calculating your SQE2 scores.

  • An image showing in more detail the eight key steps for calculating your final percentage score from your individual station scores.

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