Update on the timing of SQE1 results and SQE1 mitigating circumstances decisions and specific dates for SQE2 2023 assessments now available

Dec 5, 2022

Following feedback from candidates and other stakeholders, we will amend the SQE1 results release and mitigating circumstances processes to facilitate the earlier release of SQE1 results.

Currently, the release of SQE1 results can take up to 10 weeks and the outcome of mitigating circumstance claims are provided on the same day as the release of SQE1 results.

The changes will mean that SQE1 results can be released earlier, approximately 5-6 weeks after an assessment. All candidates will receive SQE1 assessment results on the same day. However, the time for notifying candidates of the outcome of a mitigating circumstances claim will remain at approximately 8-9 weeks after SQE1. This time is needed to ensure the thorough investigation of claims, including evidence gathering, which helps ensure fairness to candidates.

There is no change to the mitigating circumstances timeline relating to claims to SQE2. The outcome of any claim relating to SQE2 will continue to be communicated to candidates on the same day as SQE2 results.

The outcomes of a mitigating circumstances claim

As a reminder, in line with the mitigating circumstances policy, where a mitigating circumstances claim is accepted, the Assessment Board can discount the attempt which was subject to the claim, which means that a candidate won’t lose one of their three attempts to pass. The outcome will not be a change to the candidate’s mark or the pass mark for the assessment. Therefore, a candidate who has failed will need to retake the relevant assessment and, depending on the circumstances, a free sitting maybe offered.

The new timeline for SQE1

If a candidate that has made a mitigating circumstances claim has:

  • passed SQE1, their mitigating circumstances claim will automatically be rejected, since the circumstances will not be deemed to have materially and adversely affected a candidate's marks or performance in the assessment, as has always been the case
  • not passed SQE1, they will be notified of this on the results day and given the date that they will receive the outcome of their claim. This date will be approximately 2-3 weeks later. The Candidate Services team will be able to support these candidates during this time if they have any questions. If an SQE1 booking window is open, these candidates will be able to make a provisional booking for their resit, without cost or obligation, pending the outcome of their mitigating circumstances claim. They will not have to pay for this until the outcome of their claim is known. Therefore, they will know that they have a space without incurring further cost and can decide whether to proceed to resit at that next sitting once they have the outcome of their mitigating circumstances claim.


This change will come into effect for the January 2023 SQE1 sitting, with results scheduled to be released on 14 March 2023.

Further guidance

Please see Results and Resits for more information on this change and further guidance for candidates on the mitigating circumstances process.

SQE2 assessment dates for 2023

We have confirmed the specific assessment dates for the remaining SQE2 2023 assessments. Please see When you can take the SQE.