Updated Assessment Regulations

Jun 01, 2022

We have updated the SQE Assessment Regulations (the Regulations). These take effect from 1 June 2022 and apply to anyone that has booked to take a future assessment, including those sitting SQE1 in July 2022.

The amendments to the Regulations are minor. They have been made in light of our experience in dealing with candidates during and after the November 2021 SQE1 assessments. The changes express the underlying policy behind the Regulations, by removing duplication and improving clarity. They do not alter the SQE assessment or any decisions in respect of candidates and have been approved by the Legal Services Board.

A new regulation 4.3 reiterates that Functioning Legal Knowledge 1 (FLK1) and Functioning Legal Knowledge 2 (FLK2) must be taken in a single assessment window. It also clarifies the exceptions to this for the avoidance of doubt. For example, a candidate may sit just one FLK where they have attempted both and, having passed one of these assessments and failed the other, are having a further attempt at the assessment that they failed.

We have also emphasised that SQE2 is a single assessment divided into two parts, oral and written, both of which must be taken in a single window.

Further clarification has also been added in Regulation 12 in relation to the circumstances when a candidate may make a claim for mitigating circumstances.

Our policies page provides links to the key policy documents relating to the SQE. It also includes links to other helpful documents including the Regulations.

We would encourage all current and prospective candidates to read the assessment regulations.

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