SQE1 July 2022 results update and new SQE2 sitting in October 2023

Mar 3, 2022

Below are questions and answers relating to the SQE1 July 2022 results date and a new SQE2 sitting in 2023.

When will results for the SQE1 sitting in July 2022 be released and what will this mean for booking SQE2?

The results for the July 2022 SQE1 exam will be released in early October, after the booking window for the October 2022 SQE2 has closed. This means that candidates who successfully pass SQE1 in July 2022 will be unable to sit SQE2 in October 2022. The next sitting of SQE2 is in April 2023.

This is a one-off because more time is needed to complete the post assessment analysis and validation of results in the first year, until the processes are more established. In the future we will add further SQE2 sittings to give candidates more flexibility about how and when they progress through SQE.

What is the reason for this?

Our priority remains, as always, to ensure complete accuracy in candidate results and assessment outcomes.

A number of key processes take place after an SQE1 sitting including:

  • the transfer of test data from Pearson VUE test centres to Kaplan
  • detailed analysis of the assessment by the Kaplan psychometric team and an independent psychometrician
  • checks to ensure the integrity of the data and its interpretations
  • calculation of quintiles and
  • setting the pass mark.

For more information on the steps that take place to issue results after SQE1, please see the Post-SQE1 processes.

Given the 2022 exams dates, and the time needed to complete the processes, results will not be available in time for those who pass SQE1 in July to sit SQE2 in October.

What should I consider when deciding when to attempt SQE2?

It is very important that candidates carefully consider at what point they will be best placed to sit the SQE2 assessment. Passing the SQE1 assessment is just one element toward achieving this. It may not be appropriate for a candidate to move immediately from SQE1 to sitting SQE2 at the earliest opportunity.

For many candidates, a period of qualifying work experience (QWE) will be essential to help them develop the skills assessed in SQE2. Many candidates will wish to take SQE2 preparatory courses – which vary in length – before they can attempt the exam.

Some candidates might have gained their QWE before taking SQE1 and wish to move immediately from SQE1 to the next SQE2 sitting. From 2023 this will be possible as our processes become more established and we introduce more SQE2 sitting dates.

Candidates have three attempts at SQE2 within the overall 6-year SQE assessment window. So, they will want to make sure they are prepared well enough to perform at their best for the assessment.

Will results for SQE1 in January 2023 be available in time to allow candidates to book SQE2 in April 2023?

We are confident that we will be able to reduce the time needed to release results. Therefore, the January 2023 SQE1 results will be released while the April 2023 SQE2 booking window is open should candidates want to follow that route. The process of validating each assessment will become quicker over time as methods of checking and confirming the integrity of the data become more established.

Will there be a new SQE2 date in October 2023?

Yes. We had originally planned to introduce a regular October SQE2 sitting from 2024 or 2025, to give candidates as much flexibility as possible on timing. However, following feedback from stakeholders that the addition of this sitting would be welcomed sooner, we will hold an additional SQE2 assessment in October 2023.

That means there will be at least three SQE2 sittings in 2023 - April, July and October - and four sittings from 2024 - January, April, July and October. The exact date for the sittings will be provided approximately 12 months before as usual.

At the moment, SQE1 will continue to be provided in January and July each year.